Monterey Peninsula Foundation (MPF) is the nonprofit organization that stages the annual Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Learn more about MPF.

Monterey Peninsula Foundation Staff:

  • CEO: Steve John
  • Executive Director/Director of Tournament Affairs: Cindy Zoller Silver
  • Director of Philanthropy: Mary Gunn
  • Director of Finance and HR: Morgan Matthews
  • Office Manager: Darcie Edgemon
  • Volunteer Resources Manager: Susanne Overton
  • Marketing Manager: Lesley Varney
  • Sponsorship Manager: Sheri West
  • Senior Sponsorship: Sarah Hayes
  • Marketing Coordinator: Hana Kong
  • Accounting Coordinator: Elissa Nelson
  • Program Officer: Sarah Percoulis
  • Admissions and Credential Coordinator: Carrie Smith
  • Program Associate: Breanna Warnars

To learn more about volunteering, contact Susanne Overton:
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Sheri West:
Or call 831.649.1533

MPF also stages the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and distributes the proceeds from that event to charity. Visit the Monterey Peninsula Foundation website to learn more or get involved.

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